Does your teen or tween need a boost?  Are you wishing she'd see herself for just how great she is?  Girls compare themselves to others constantly, it is so important that they learn to 'love' themselves for who they are.  This box prompts them to 'f.l.y.'.....first love yourself.  Such a great message.


Our bright pink box is filled with fun items such as mood changing nail polish, heart or infinity necklace, fluffy puffy heart bag charm, wire hand twisted 'love' ring in adorable glass jar with cork stopper, blossom lip gloss with real flowers inside....so many fun items.

Also included are two great collectible cards to put in your locker or on your mirror to remind yourself to be kind and loving to yourself.


*items may alternate based on what the hottest trends are currently - you know those teen/tweens - we've got to stay on point*

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