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Here at iBbeautiful we have been frenetically and joyfully packing box after box after box, so much so, that our blog posts have greatly suffered.  We are so sorry about that and we are now making a renewed effort to bring all of our iBbeautiful family more into the loop as to our monthly themes and the thoughts that go into making them.
First, we want to talk about one of our most favorite themes here at iBbeautiful that had to do with our Butterfly box.  You guys loved it and so did we.  This month's theme addressed the tough periods that we all go through from time to time.  However, for teen and tweens it can feel especially challenging.  They don't have the life experience that we adults do, so sometimes it can feel like the "end of the world" to them.
Our goal with this theme was to let them know that we ALL go through tough times, and it is just those times that end up forming us into our future and best selves.  The teen and tween world can be pretty tough when things are not going well.  As adults we have options, but imagine if we were stuck, like they are in school, having to constantly eat luck with, or attend the same day long meeting day after day, 5 days a week with the same people that were bringing us down or making us feel less that who we know ourselves to be.
It can be really hard for girls, but if we give them some perspective it can be extremely helpful.  Our iBbeautiful theme used the analogy of how a caterpillar goes through a very dark time as it's in it's cocoon, yet it comes out as a beautiful butterfly.  It's hard work for that caterpillar, just like it is for our teen and tween girls, but when they realize that everything they are going through is temporary and there to make them better it becomes a strong empowering message to help them through.
We hope you were able to discuss some of this concept with your teens and tweens, and if not, at least it's in the arsenal now if this type of discussion should come along some day.
Love + Sunshine

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  • Peter on

    I am a dad to a 11 year old girl and looking for a subscription for her. I viewed your boxes but do not see a lot of choices for her age group.

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