Make Your Own Sunshine - May/June

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We’re absolutely loving the warmer weather here at iBbeautiful! But we’re getting into the middle of June, now... can anyone else smell summer vacation?

As excited as our girls are for the end of the school year, I know I have mixed feelings about it! Three months straight of vacations, parties, planning, organizing - to me, sometimes it sure feels like our “summer break” is more work than the rest of the year put together! Though, now that I think about it… summer probably feels so hectic simply because we no longer have that seven-hour block of “kid-free” time Monday through Friday.

Our box this month gives our girls a bit of a challenge - to make their own bucket list. I know what you’re thinking (or at least I know what I thought when I imagined having my girl do this): “No, we can’t put up a treehouse in the back yard.” “No, we are not painting your walls hot pink.” 

Never fear - there’s a reason we’re calling this month’s box the sunshine box. And it’s not just about encouraging our little ladies to spend time out in the sun this summer.

We here at iBbeautiful wanted to be sure that all our girls  - and their moms - know that they don’t have to wait for the stereotypical “sunny days” to get things checked off their bucket lists. I mean, sure, you can’t go to the pool when it’s raining!

But, well, let me give you an example. I had one of those ‘aha!’ moments the other day - you know, where things just sort of… hit you? I’ve always been a fan of the idea that, if you crank up some music, just about every bit of cleaning around the house can be fun. Dancing, singing along, you name it, I’ve done it. I actually look forward to it.

And it’s not because the cleaning is fun, let me tell you!! No, I decided to turn a chore into something I could enjoy; I made a decision to be happy (and embarrassing, as my girls have told me).

Isn’t that a good thing to teach our girls? Not just how to make housework fun, but how to turn a bad situation (like doing chores) into a good one (dance party!!). Who says we can’t apply the same idea to just about anything else? Let’s say… not being able to head to the pool as planned, since it’s raining. That’s a great opportunity to go to the library instead, or a museum, or even whip out the baking utensils at home and make some cookies!

I’ll tell you what. Our girls learn so much from us - both from what we go out of our way to teach them, and from how we act. How to react to situations, how to communicate, how to stay calm and positive - they learn it all from us. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: us moms have a tough job!

But we have to be that source of positivity and encouragement for our daughters to learn from. Show her how to react to a bad situation. Teach her how to ‘fix’ things. Keep communicating with her, ask her questions, and listen!

Even when she’s decided that talking to mom isn’t cool - like that time she was dancing around the house with a dish towel, belting out some good ol’ Queen.

Because when both mom and daughter are so fixed on being positive that something as little as a rainy day can’t get them down, the world’s gotta watch out - there’s nothing they can’t handle!

Happy summer - may the adventures begin!

- The iBbeautiful Team

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  • Ashley on

    I love it when you post photos of the boxes! I gave this to my niece as a gift, and she lives several thousand miles from me, so its fun to see what “i got her” each month. You all do a great job of sending positive upbeat messages to help girls get through tough times. I appreciate your hard work! Thanks.

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