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Yes, it is fun to come up with new product each month for our boxes, but what really gets our hearts a-beating is when people truly connect with our message in each box.  Of all the rave reviews iBbeautiful has received, this review from Nicci at Joyful Family Life really captured what our boxes are all about.  Read below what she has to say.......and Nicci, you made our day over here at iBbeautiful!!


-----------Blog Post and Review from Joyful Family Life----------
When I have a client in my counseling office that seems stuck in a rut, we talk about action.
We discuss what they can do differently, how they can think differently, and how those changes would influence different feelings.
Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are related. I've previously discussed that concept here.

With that thought in mind, I am happy to introduce a monthly box geared towards tween and teenage girls: the iBbeautiful box.

"iBbeautiful's mission is to help young girls realize they are beautiful just as they are without comparisons to how others look or act. We do this by offering a monthly box of inspiration that includes fun lifestyle items and a message of empowerment to help young girls be confident, smart, brave, unique and kind. Every girl should be confident that she will become the woman she is meant to be and can achieve anything she sets her mind to."
Visit their website at: http://www.ibbeautiful.com/

I love the idea of encouraging girls to think positively about themselves!
Thinking positively will help them feel empowered, which will influence daily actions of curiosity, strength, and kindness. A confident girl is also less likely to visit my counseling office.
(When I think back on my previous teenage counseling clients, higher self-esteem was on all their goal charts.)

How does iBbeautiful work?

iBbeautiful sends a monthly box with trendy items and positive messages for a tween or teenage girl to enjoy. What girl wouldn't like to receive hand-picked specialty items?

I especially like the message of their November box - to be, rather than wish.
I believe this message encourages action towards self-confidence. When I finish my maternity leave and go back to counseling appointments next year, I want to frame this quote card for my desk.

In addition to the inspirational messages about self-acceptance, the iBbeautiful box also contained:

-Two's Company Ugg Lip Gloss
-Flappy Mittens
-Curly Eraser Pencil
-Pink House Suede Buckle Bracelet
-Felt Tote
-Stretch Tattoo Choker

I was excited to receive this box of goodies, and I know that if I were back in middle school or high school I'd be super excited. I can totally see the younger me rocking the tattoo choker down the hallway with the felt Fox tote hanging from my backpack. I imagine writing notes to my friends with the curly pencil, while casually applying the Ugg lip gloss during class. The mittens would let me text with ease, and the buckle bracelet would be my unique accessory; no one else at school would have one!

I like the idea that a girl can feel unique and special each month after opening her box. She has her own trendy accessories, unlike everyone else around her. The more she feels confident about her looks, the more her inner self-esteem will grow (and vice-versa.) That is why I also appreciate the inspirational messages in the box. The more she feels confident inside, the more she will glow on the outside.

And even though the box is crafted specifically for tween and teenage girls, my toddler loved the items too. Grace wore the belt bracelet around the house for hours. She also enjoyed hiding the Ugg lip gloss in the felt Fox tote.



Please be sure to check out all the other topics that Nicci beautifully writes about at www.joyfulfamilylife.blogspot.com

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