August Theme 'Heads Up' for Parents and Gift Givers

This month’s theme started out very different than it ended. As the mother of a teen I have viewed the ever-present ‘Selfie’ as a veil that my kid hides behind. I personally find the constant ‘selfie-ing’ as super annoying and simply just one more reason for my child to be constantly attached to her phone….aka the bain of my existence.

My original thought process was to call this theme…”Don’t Hide Behind Your Selfie…BE Your Selfie”, with the message to young girls to be themselves as opposed to posting pics of themselves in what I construed as something akin to vanity shots. As I was designing the tee shirt graphic, my own teen came up behind me and said, “Your theme makes no sense”. She then went on to explain that girls who feel confident about themselves are the ones taking the most selfies. That taking a selfie is by definition a statement that you are feeling good about yourself. Our conversation continued with me telling her my views on how I feel that girls are just hiding behind these photos instead of developing who they are out in the real world. My daughter then went on to explain to me that for her age group putting up a selfie of yourself doing various activities is exactly that…showing the world who you are.


So, after a lot of thought and contemplation I realized that in order to better understand the teen/tween mind I had to get more in touch with their point of view and abandon my middle-aged mind set. I think you’ll agree with me that the whole smart phone era is not something that us parents can always understand the way our kids do. Trying to put myself back in time to my teens I began to realize that if I had the technology then that these kids do now I would see the ‘selfie’ like they do. It’s not really bragging or vanity, it is about showing the world who you are and how you envision yourself. I consulted with our very astute core focus group we have over here at iBbeautiful and all of the teen/tween minded sages agreed that the selfie does, in fact, stand for confidence in oneself. So, our theme was then mindfully changed to....


Love + Sunshine,

Team iBbeautiful


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