FOLLOW YOUR OWN INNER COMPASS - October Theme 2015 September 25 2016, 0 Comments

Our October box theme is entitled ...FOLLOW YOUR OWN INNER COMPASS.

As adults we may refer to this more familiarly as "finding your true north". Identifying what our goals are in life and staying focused on that point as we make our way towards those goals.

Interestingly, when I ran this 'true north' concept by our tween/teen focus group they identified much more with the wording of "make your own way", and "follow your own path". We talked about the concept of finding a person's true north. We explained it with a visual of being in a heavily wooden forest where you really could not see much ahead of you. In order to navigate your way you had to rely on your compass. As you walked through this forest towards your destination there would be many things that might distract you or take you off course. For instance, a cute little bunny just to the side of the trail you're on, or a really cool stream that causes you to go off course even though you are fully equipped with your own canteen of water, etc. We talked about these examples being the same as a friend that might not be the best influence, or a group of girls that you are a part of but maybe don't feel so comfortable around.

In other words, and to relate this better to our teen and tween girls lives; there are going to be many, many distractions as they make their way through life, and the key to getting to who you want to be is by having your "true north" in view. We encouraged them to use a journal from the box this month to jot down what their goals are, and to check in on themselves often to see how they're doing. Now, we're fully aware that no teen or tween is going to have a clear picture of their life goals at this point in their lives, but starting to condition themselves now to get into this mindset is a total
win-win for their future.

The other important element that goes along with this theme is realizing the things that are 'distractions' from their 'true north' or their 'own path'. As always, we encouraged them to make sure that they are doing the things that are important to THEM and not just going along with the crowd. They need to follow their hearts, get accustomed to listening to their inner voices, learning to follow their own inner compass, so that they are living their own lives, fulfilling their own dreams, and not just following the crowd.

Tough stuff to realize when you're a teen or tween? You betcha! But the earlier this seed is planted, the earlier they will start to tune into what feels right and comfortable for them and who they really are. Finding your own path and realizing the difference between what is important and what is just a distraction from your path is 'priceless' as they said in the credit card world. We want this for all our girls out there, we want them to start to put importance on finding themselves and finding their own path which will result in stronger, smarter, happier and more confident young women.

Love + Happiness,
Team iBbeautiful