This month's theme is "First Love Yourself".  If I'm being honest, this theme didn't come naturally to me. It felt a little self indulgent to say "first love yourself".  Wouldn't this lead to selfishness and narcissism?  

I spoke to young girls to see how comfortable they are with this idea of putting themselves first, and I discovered that this is EXACTLY what they need.  So many young girls simply have no idea of their worth.  They don't know how to see all the good that's inside themselves. Instead of looking inward to see what's there, they were only looking outward and using others as a mirror.  This type of behavior never brings confidence or a real feeling of self if you are only trying to justify your worth through others.

So, the concept of "first love yourself"....or f.l.y.....started to not only make a lot of sense, but became apparent that it is desperately needed in today's girls.  Allowing ourselves to first love our own selves gives us the foundation to feel good about ourselves and then in turn be good to others because we're not constantly reaching out for those good vibes, the goodness is coming from within. 

It's a concept that takes a little daily practice and a small change in perspective to give ourselves permission to go down this path. Try it, I strongly believe that it can make a great difference in your daily life. 

XO - Team iBbeautiful

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