We Spell Impossible Like This.....I'M POSSIBLE.

Nothing Is Impossible the Word Itself Says I'm Possible

Too often our girls give in to someone else's words or opinions over that of their own. It's important for them to develop the life skill of being able to hear other points of view, but it's not okay to give up on things they feel are important to them based only on other people's views.  This month's theme was curated to remind our girls that when something is important to them they should never give up until they feel giving up is the right choice for them. We want your young girls to realize that they can do anything they put their mind to and that all kinds of possibility is right inside them.

We want them to know the first step is to 'believe' they can achieve their dreams, and more importantly to realize  they 'deserve' to have their dreams come true.  It all starts with having confidence in themselves and realizing their true worth, not basing their opinion of themselves on what others think or say.  It's tough out there for young girls and the sooner we can instill these concepts into their core beliefs the more they will flourish.

Here at iBbeautiful we certainly hope our monthly subscription boxes for teen and tween girls are a total delight when they arrive in the mail.  But our real mission is to build a healthy sense of self, a budding idea of who they want to grow up to be, and the ability to identify their inner voice and learn to listen to it above all else.  Thank you so much for subscribing to our iBbeautiful monthly subscription boxes and allowing us into your girl's lives, we truly hope each month we are bringing some inspiration to them.

Our monthly subscription boxes were all mailed this weekend and should be to you shortly.  Hope they bring lots of smiles.

Confidence + Courage,

Team iBbeautiful

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