Amazing Teens + Tweens Doing Good.

I'd like to think I was born with an entrepreneurial gene in me.  I was constantly devising ways to start a business or come up with the next great idea....or maybe it  was just a way to come up with some cash?  I remember selling Mary Kay cosmetics to a room full of older women when I was just 16. (Why the company allowed a 16 year old to be one of their consultants is still a mystery to me....but I did come home $200 richer that night.....but then I quit because it just felt weird selling cosmetics and skin care to older women when I, myself didn't even wear makeup).

Anyhow, over the years I have always worked for myself, mostly, and believe that this is an awareness that I have been able to instill in my own kids.  I'm not saying that they will end up starting their own businesses, but I do know that at least there is a seed planted in their heads that they can be the captain of their own journey in life.  There's a huge difference though, between when I was a kid and kids now. Nowadays a vast majority of them have a sense of social awareness that wasn't present when I grew up.  Whether this is one plus of the internet, or we've all just done a really good job of raising our kids by making them aware that the world is bigger than just the town where they live, it has really spawned some amazing teens + tweens out there. 

 Since the launch of iBbeautiful I have become much more aware of teens + tweens that are making a difference.   I am astounded by what kids are able to do today and their awareness of the world and people in need.  I have come across SO many incredible kids who had a thought, an experience, or a yearning to make a change and have put that into effect by not only creating their own companies, but also taking the profits from those companies and sharing it with charities across the globe.

Below, are some links to these incredible and energetic teens + tweens.  Look at these sites and these kids and carve out some time to share these stories with your own kids......who knows what it might just inspire in them.


LULU CERONE—Philanthropist

Lulu Cerone founded at the age of ten, to encourage kids to make social activism part of their social lives.  She recognizes the power her generation has to have real and lasting impact in the world.  She acknowledges that kids want to help, but they don’t want help doing it.  So she created action plans and  started a Philanthro-Party planning service  that inspires kids to make “giving” a part of  every-day life.  She mentors kids to use the skills they already have, do the things they are already doing and create change NOW.  She raised over $65,000.00 through kid driven events like rock concerts, PhilathroParties, Water:Walks and LemonAID stands. 


KATIE STAGLIANO - Philanthropist

A 14 year old named, Katie Stagliano, who, at 9 years old, turned a 40 pound cabbage into an organization and opportunity to help fight hunger that she continues with today. Read her story here..


LILY + MELANIE SANDLER - Entreprenuers

When Lily was just 10 years old, she was having trouble finding her lip balm. She said, “Mom, where's my lip blam?” Lip BLAM? Brilliant. Lily's mom said that would make a great name for a lip balm company. BLAMtastic® was born.  From this Lily and her sister, Melanie, along with the help of their mom, run the company today.  Check out their story ....... make sure to look at all the causes they contribute to.  


These are just a few examples from many kids who are out there 'doing good + cool things'. We'll bring you more in the months to come.  Stay tuned......and be sure to send us any that you hear about......including your own stories.


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