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Fiona's Review

beautiful fun girl iBbbox review tween

We <3 that we got our 1st review from our iBb girl, Fiona!  Great pic :)

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Tee Shirt Preview


We had so many people tell us how much they love the promo tee pic from our website...well we put an iBb spin on it for the June box. Here's a teaser of what may be coming your way (of course it will be iBbeautifulized by the time it reaches your door)!

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Launch Boxes Have Arrived

boxes cindy launch

Our launch boxes started arriving - thank you for all the positive feedback! If you have a question, we are working to get everything answered within 1 day while we process a FLOOD of orders that just came through. Please be assured we will get back to you as quickly as possible. B Unique. B Happy. B You. xoxo Cindy

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iBb at the Beach

beach fun girls kristy sun

  We took iBbeautiful to the beach. xoxo Kristy

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