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Here at iBbeautiful we have been frenetically and joyfully packing box after box after box, so much so, that our blog posts have greatly suffered.  We are so sorry about that and we are now making a renewed effort to bring all of our iBbeautiful family more into the loop as to our monthly themes and the thoughts that go into making them. First, we want to talk about one of our most favorite themes here at iBbeautiful that had to do with our Butterfly box.  You guys loved it and so did we.  This month's theme addressed the tough...

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August Theme 'Heads Up' for Parents and Gift Givers

This month’s theme started out very different than it ended. As the mother of a teen I have viewed the ever-present ‘Selfie’ as a veil that my kid hides behind. I personally find the constant ‘selfie-ing’ as super annoying and simply just one more reason for my child to be constantly attached to her phone….aka the bain of my existence. My original thought process was to call this theme…”Don’t Hide Behind Your Selfie…BE Your Selfie”, with the message to young girls to be themselves as opposed to posting pics of themselves in what I construed as something akin to vanity...

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I recently took a week to go visit my parents in California.  It was a much-needed break from the day to day, and had been about 4 years since getting out of my working environment. I hadn't seen my parents in quite awhile, so, of course, they touted me around to friends and family to show that they did indeed have a daughter.  I did the obligatory hellos and catch-ups, but one thing kept happening over and over that simply astounded me.   As parents always do, mine had filled people in on what I was doing and my career...

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Yes, it is fun to come up with new product each month for our boxes, but what really gets our hearts a-beating is when people truly connect with our message in each box.  Of all the rave reviews iBbeautiful has received, this review from Nicci at Joyful Family Life really captured what our boxes are all about.  Read below what she has to say.......and Nicci, you made our day over here at iBbeautiful!!   -----------Blog Post and Review from Joyful Family Life---------- When I have a client in my counseling office that seems stuck in a rut, we talk about...

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iBbeautiful Celebrates The Day of The Girl

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On October 11th, IBbeautiful is thrilled to be a part of the international community celebrating the UN’s Day of the Girl. This Saturday, October 11th, join us in celebrating, discussing, and highlighting the women and girls who are leading the way towards gender equality. IBbeautiful will be honoring the Day of the Girl this year by coming together as an organization to develop a strategic plan for how to make the greatest impact with our boxes of inspiration. The Day of the Girl is not devoted to one specific issue facing our girls today, but is a yearly reflection of...

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