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This month's iBbeautiful box is all about teaching our girls to 'fly high', 'find their wings', and to 'soar'.  Yes, these are catch phrases that as teens and tweens may not make sense when they first hear it, yet the concept is so important to instill in them.  By 'wings' we mean their self assuredness, the belief in themselves they can do anything and to find that self confidence that bolsters and plants this belief deep into their core.

We have a mission here at iBbeautiful with our monthly boxes of inspiration.  Unlike other monthly subscription boxes for teens and tweens that use words like 'fashionista' and 'little princess', our goal is to get to the insides of your girls.  We want to help them feel smart and strong and capable.  Yes, we fill our boxes with goodies to keep their interest and to make it fun, but what we're most proud of is the message that each of our boxes carry.  We want to deliver the message that they are smart, they are capable, and that there is no limit to what they can do with their futures.  They can SOAR as high as they believe they can.

Awesome messages like the ones that are coming from fabulous companies like GoldieBlox make us want to jump up and do the happy dance.  This is exactly what our girls need to hear!!


There will always be lip gloss, nail polish and tons of sparkly pink things for our girls, but now at this stage where these teens and tweens are forming their concept of who they are let's make sure we're feeding them the right words, clever, strong, intelligent, able, and of course we should tell our girls they're pretty, but maybe we should be adding a word to that from time to time.........pretty seen in this video below.


So, we hope your girls enjoyed this month's box!  We work really hard to make our boxes a fun treat every month, and we hope the anticipation of waiting for the box to arrive in the mailbox, combined with the process of opening it and discovering all the contents inside make them happy.  But our biggest wish of all is that our message this month of 'FLY HIGH & SOAR' gets them thinking about just how truly great they are.Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. 


XO - Cindy Lupica + the iBbeautiful Team

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  • M Kay on

    Love this month’s message. Thanks for sharing these great videos.

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