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Beauty Begins the Moment You Decide to be Yourself You've hear this phrase before, right?  But you know what, it's really true.  Unfortunately I don't think most of us realize how powerful it is to fully embrace who we  genuinely are until much later in our lives like around our 40's or 50's.  Studies show that most women do not feel comfortable in their own skin on average until the age of 42, and that our younger years, although more energetic, are filled with insecurity, worrying about what others think, and simply just trying to fit in.  Who knows, maybe...

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This past month (and every month really) we want to empower girls who are often expected to take a back seat to male superheros.  Boys are encouraged to see themselves as heroic in everything they do.  However, society often depicts girls as docile and helpless.  We want to re-wire girls brains to see past this.  Girls have the potential to be a superhero to others and to themselves; it's just a matter of getting them to see themselves in that light.   When girls look at themselves as superheros, they let go of self-doubt and build more self-confidence every day....

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This month's theme is "First Love Yourself".  If I'm being honest, this theme didn't come naturally to me. It felt a little self indulgent to say "first love yourself".  Wouldn't this lead to selfishness and narcissism?   I spoke to young girls to see how comfortable they are with this idea of putting themselves first, and I discovered that this is EXACTLY what they need.  So many young girls simply have no idea of their worth.  They don't know how to see all the good that's inside themselves. Instead of looking inward to see what's there, they were only looking...

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We hear this phrase all the time.  However, when you're still a teen or tween how do you achieve this when you are still figuring out who YOU are?   So instead of just making BE YOU a phrase you occasionally say, see in an ad, or wear on a tee shirt make it mean something by figuring out who YOU are.  As you go through your day pay attention to how you're feeling.  "Do I like or not like this?" "Does this make me feel comfortable or uncomfortable?" "Does this get me closer or further away from who I ultimately...

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Our October box theme is entitled ...FOLLOW YOUR OWN INNER COMPASS. As adults we may refer to this more familiarly as "finding your true north". Identifying what our goals are in life and staying focused on that point as we make our way towards those goals.Interestingly, when I ran this 'true north' concept by our tween/teen focus group they identified much more with the wording of "make your own way", and "follow your own path". We talked about the concept of finding a person's true north. We explained it with a visual of being in a heavily wooden forest where...

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