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We hear this phrase all the time.  However, when you're still a teen or tween how do you achieve this when you are still figuring out who YOU are?  

So instead of just making BE YOU a phrase you occasionally say, see in an ad, or wear on a tee shirt make it mean something by figuring out who YOU are.  As you go through your day pay attention to how you're feeling.  "Do I like or not like this?" "Does this make me feel comfortable or uncomfortable?" "Does this get me closer or further away from who I ultimately see myself being?"

Having an awareness of your inner voice is a game changer.  It's the thing that keeps you on your own path.  It's the thing that keeps you from straying onto someone else's path just because their vision is stronger than yours at that moment. It's the voice that keeps you true to who you are, and helps you check with your gut to make sure your daily decisions are reflecting who you want to be.

BE YOU is a worthy and inspiring phrase, but more importantly is something that we all have to work on daily to achieve.  It's learning and practicing; stoping every so often to listen to how we really feel and making decisions based on that gut feeling.

Allowing ourselves to learn, get stronger and more knowledgable from making wrong decisions. It's those wrong decisions that are what will help us make the right decision next time, because through that wrong decision you just found another clue as to who YOU are.  Everything YOU need, and everything YOU are is inside of you.....find that place and listen to what it is telling you.

And if there is a day that you just can't hear your own voice use ours......we know you are fantastic, unique, have a ton to contribute to this world of ours, and an endless journey in front of you where you can be anything that you set your mind to.


XOXO....Team iBbeautiful

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