This past month (and every month really) we want to empower girls who are often expected to take a back seat to male superheros.  Boys are encouraged to see themselves as heroic in everything they do.  However, society often depicts girls as docile and helpless.  We want to re-wire girls brains to see past this.  Girls have the potential to be a superhero to others and to themselves; it's just a matter of getting them to see themselves in that light.  

When girls look at themselves as superheros, they let go of self-doubt and build more self-confidence every day.  At iBbeautiful, super-heroism doesn't come from flying or superhuman strength; it comes from confidence, kindness, and pushing ourselves to reach our full potential.  That's why our Be Your Own Superhero Box is full of little reminders that your tween or teen girl is smart, powerful and that she is a SUPERHERO!

Go out there and be the master of your own universe girls!!!

Love + Happiness - Team iBbeautiful

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  • Emily Muns on

    My daughter recieved her first box last month and it was the super hero box. She loves it and at almost 15 its hard to find something she likes. Girls need these kind of positive messages to help them as they blossom to womenhood. Thank you I am now a continued subscriber.

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